About Us

The Academy of Historical Arts exists to promote the study of history through the medium of the historical, martial and creative arts.

This means that we research, study and practice both the traditional crafts from medieval Europe and the indigenous martial arts from Europe's history. The crafts that we teach cover a broad spectrum, from simple sewing of garments to design and construction of hand sewn tents, from manufacturing garments in chainmail to the design and construction of plate armour, from calligraphy and soft leather book binding to thick leather tooling for armour or belt purposes, and many other crafts besides.

In addition to regular lessons in training halls we run all kinds of events, ranging from afternoon workshops to week long camping trips at Loch Lomond. Rarely does a month pass by without some kind of Academy event taking place!

We have a strict and comprehensive health and safety policy for all of our events, classes and participants. We strive to be as professional as possible in our practices and organisation.