Membership of The Vanguard Centre

Membership of The Vanguard Centre allows us to put more money towards improving the venue and the services that we offer. Membership payments will be invested straight back into the Centre to make it a better experience for everyone.

For example, we would like to make the venue even warmer during the colder months, we would like to install changing rooms, and we would like to make the social area even more comfortable and enjoyable. It would be great if we could add a library of HEMA, archery, and blacksmithing books (and really, any other books of interest!) for members to browse. Membership payments will help us achieve these goals.

Another immediate benefit of membership is that you will pay a reduced rate for sessions and session passes, which are much cheaper for members than for guests. Members will also receive reduced rates on some special courses and events.

To sign up for membership, please visit the dedicated Vanguard Centre website.