Sanbec Swordsmen

The Sanbec Swordsmen are a group based in South Western Cheshire who focus primarily on German Longsword and I.33 Sword & Buckler. We are enthusiastic and dedicated to reconstructing Medieval combat as per the fencing manuals of the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries, as well as maintaining good levels of fitness and study!

We are a young group with varied backgrounds, ranging from complete combat neophytes to experienced sword-fighters and re-enactors. We encourage weekly attendance at our training hall and have a strict curriculum to ensure the effectiveness of our study, which we focus on for the first hour of every session. The second hour is a lot more lax and we allow our students to try out the techniques taught or play around with other weapons, such as Viking Sword & Shield. We also run a monthly combat competition to ensure that people can employ the techniques learned in a stressful, competitive environment with a non-compliant opponent.

If you are interested in training with us or wish to speak to us please fill in the contact form below.

Day and Time:

We currently practice every Sunday afternoon but these times can vary depending on hall availability. Please fill in the contact form for further information.


64 Crewe Road
CW1 5Y

Disciplines Studied:

German Longsword with a focus on Sigmund Ringeck and Hans Talhoffer and Sword & Buckler in the style of I.33.

Club Membership and Fees:

We ask our students to either contribute a monthly fee of £10 or a session fee of £2.50 for every session.

Club Uniform (and what to bring with you):

For training we do require out students wear a uniform of a plain red t-shirt and black trousers. This is simply to promote a professional experience to the public and differentiate ourselves from other combat groups. We would suggest simple track-suit bottoms and a plain red t-shirt or polo shirt. For low speed sparring we require a minimum of protective gloves but heartily advocate the use of fencing masks and elbow/knee padding. Simply put, the higher the intensity of sparring, the more equipment required. This will be discussed in more detail if you attend one of our sessions and we do have some club kit available for those who cannot afford it.

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