Wisdom of Medieval Defence

Wisdom of Medieval Defence is a small group in the north of England, working primarily on German longsword, but also studying anything and everything that seems interesting! The pace is relatively slow and steady, so this is an excellent group for people who are looking to make their first tentative steps into the world of historical European martial arts.

Day and Time:

The club meets on Thursdays from 8:30pm to 10:30pm in the Knutton Methodist Church.


Knutton Methodist Church
High Street, Knutton
Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 6BX

Disciplines Studied:

The primary focus of this club is medieval German longsword.

Club Membership and Fees:

Anyone over the 18 may become a member of this club. Those over 16 but under 18 may be allowed to join if accompanied by a parent or guardian to training sessions.

The price of club membership is £25 per year, consisting of two costs:
- £10 club membership fee;
- £15 AHA subscription (this fee does not apply if you already have a valid and up-to-date AHA subscription).

Weekly training sessions cost £5 per session.

Club Uniform (and what to bring with you):

The club uniform consists of loose-fitting black trousers (not denim) and a plain white t-shirt. White t-shirts with AHA logos are allowed (and are available to purchase here through Corsair's Wares) but otherwise the only t-shirts allowed are plain white t-shirts with no logos, colours, images or text upon them.

Indoor shoes are required. Outdoor boots, formal shoes, and other footwear that is likely to leave marks on the hall floor should not be worn. Please note that footwear IS required and that training barefoot (or just in socks) is not an option.

Additionally, you should bring with you a bottle of water and a pair of thin gloves (to help protect your hand and wrist from chafing on the sword). If you suffer from asthma then you should bring your inhaler with you; if you need other medication then you should contact the club instructor through the contact form below to see if there may be any problems.

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Contact Form:

To contact the club secretary, please use this contact form.

When you submit this form, your message will be emailed to the club secretary, who will respond as soon as possible. You will also receive an email copy of the message for your own records.

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