Institute for Historical Arts

The IHA is one of the first full-time professional historical European martial arts (HEMA) schools in Scotland.

We aim to reintroduce a martial skill that was all but lost until recently. Like the martial styles of the East, Europe also had various forms of combat that were taught and used throughout time. Sadly, our own martial culture was diminished with the advent of the firearm, thus rendering many European martial systems obsolete because of this new form of ranged combat.

Now many of the manuals of old have been found, re-translated and re-mastered to allow us to teach these weapon systems once again. Here at the Institute of Historical Arts, we try and specialise in a handful of these weapon sets that would have been used on the fields of battle, including: a Medieval form of Sword and Buckler; Broadsword on its own and with the addition of a buckler; and our signature weapon, the Longsword from the 15th Century.

We teach these various systems along with others as a means of getting and maintaining a good level of fitness, in a very unique and fun way that also comes hand in hand with not only keeping these skills alive, but introducing a greater knowledge of Europe's military past.


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