Public Demonstrations

The Academy of Historical Arts exists to promote the study of history through the medium of the historical, martial and creative arts.

We can provide public demonstrations for historical fencing that will be educational in nature, and that will also be entertaining for a crowd.


A demonstration of historical fencing will involve three people: two fencers, and one narrator to speak and describe what is happening while the two fencers perform the demonstration.

The narrator will be well trained in how to speak in front of a crowd and will be an instructor in the discipline that the fencers are demonstrating, so that he or she will have a deep understanding of the discipline. This training and knowledge will provide the best narrative experience for the audience.

The fencers will be practitioners of the discipline, who will have spent countless hours training to improve their skills to perform the techniques. Appropriate modern safety equipment (such as fencing masks, padded gloves and padded fencing jackets) will be worn, so that the fencers can perform the techniques safely without risk of injury; they will not be wearing historical costumes, as these do not afford the necessary protection to demonstrate the techniques correctly or safely.

Time and Fees

Demonstrations are best when they last for around 20 minutes. However, the fencers will require around 20 minutes before the demonstrations in order to warm up and put on their safety gear, and will need around 20 minutes afterwards to take off their safety gear and generally tidy up.

Therefore a demonstration will take an hour of time for a three-person demonstration team; an appropriate fee would be £160 for the team, calculated at £20 per hour for each of the three team members (so £60 for demonstration time), plus £60 to cover practice time, plus a donation of £40 to the organisation to go towards overheads such as insurance.

Additionally, any transport expenses should be provided, and the demonstrating team should receive free entry to the event, so that they do not need to incur any personal costs to add value to your event.

If you would like to get in touch about organising one of these demonstrations, please contact us. We will endeavour to respond swiftly and to answer any questions you have.