Filming and Photo Shoots

The professional instructors of the Academy of Historical Arts are able to help with consultation or modeling for filming or photography projects. If you need advice or training for your own actors or models, or if you need specially trained models for historical fighting scenes, then we can help.

If you are making a film and need some training for your actors or stuntmen, we can create a tailored training programme for historical weapons. These training sessions provide actors with the necessary experience and understanding with the historical weapons to be able to portray their combat choreography in a manner that is authentic and appears realistic and engaging to the modern audience.

It is worth noting that we are not a re-enactment society and that we wear modern safety equipment both for training and for demonstration purposes. However, if you need historically costumed models and are able to provide the costumes, then we are willing and able to modify the techniques and choreography to accommodate your choice. We do not maintain a wardrobe of historical costumes and so we cannot provide such garments.

An appropriate fee would be £20 per hour for each instructor involved in the consulting or modelling, plus a donation worth two hours (£40) to the organisation to go towards overheads such as insurance. A full day of work (8 hours) will carry a fee of £150 for each instructor (plus the donation worth two hours), and overtime hours will be charged at the overtime rate of £30 per hour. Please note that some of our more experienced instructors may require a higher fee to reflect their greater experience, knowledge, and value and a consultant.

If the service is to involve sparring or fighting without appropriate safety equipment, perhaps in order to wear historical costumes, then the hourly fee should rise to £30 per hour to reflect the increased risk and the increase in skills required for the activity; the donation worth two hours (£60) to the organisation would also be required to go towards covering overheads. A full day would carry a fee of £225 for 8 hours of work (plus the donation worth two hours at the increased rate), and additional hours would be charged at an overtime rate of £45 per hour.

Further to these fees for working time, any expenses related to transport, venue hire, accommodation and meals should be provided.

If you would like to get in touch about organising some filming consultation, please contact us. We will endeavour to respond swiftly and to answer any questions you have.