Christoph Busche

Christoph Busche

Brief Summary

Christoph has been a member of GUHAS since September 2012. He focuses on longsword following the Liechtenauer tradition. While longsword is still his primary discipline, he has since broadened his interests to include messer. Beside longsword he also enjoys crafting, especially calligraphy and related topics like inks, pigments and dyes.

Teaching Experience

As well as teaching regularly at GUHAS, he has delivered workshops at:
- AHA Loch Lomond

Traditional Crafts Studied

- Calligraphy
- Inks, pigments and their manufacturing, e.g. Boltz von Ruffach: Illuminierbuch 1549
- Traditional fire making methods, like flint and steel and fire piston
- Historical cooking recipes:
buoch von guoter spise [Cim. 4 (= 2° Cod. ms. 731)] ca. 1350
Muhammad bin al-Hasan bin Muhammad bin al-Karim al-Baghdadi: A Baghdad Cookery Book (Kitaab Al-oTabaikh) 1226
Marx Rumpolt: Ein new Kochbuch 1581

Qualifications and Achievements

- Received membership of the AHA Corps of Instructors (2015)
- Dr. rer. nat. (Chemistry) University of Heidelberg