Friederike Jöhlinger

Brief Summary

Friederike has been a member of GUHAS since her second week at Glasgow University. She concentrated on crafting, although she has studied German Longsword as well since 2012. In her second year she became Secretary for the society. Also, during that year she began to teach crafting, and became an official crafting teacher by the end of the year. Her favourite crafts are embroidery and traditional sewing techniques, but through GUHAS she has come across a broad range of other crafts, from calligraphy and knitting to making chainmail and sgian dubhs.

Teaching Experience

Friederike has been teaching crafting at GUHAS since 2013.

She has also delivered workshops at:
- AHA Loch Lomond

Traditional Crafts Studied

- Knitting
- Chrochet
- Leather work
- Maille
- Calligraphy
- Traditional sewing techniques
- Embroidery
- Weaving
- Woodwork
- PVC flutes

Qualifications and Achievements

- Received membership of the AHA Corps of Instructors (2014)