James Burn

Brief Summary

James has been surrounded by martial history most of his life thanks to his father and took the additional step into HEMA once he moved to Dundee in 2009. Since then, he has learned and developed a variety of disciplines including Broadsword, Broadsword and Buckler, German Longsword; some dagger work and Archery.

Teaching Experience

James regularly teaches at both Dundee based groups: Abertay's Renaissance Martial Arts Society (founded in 2010 with Mark Wilkie and Jonathan Spouge) and The Institute for Historical Arts (founded in 2012 with Mark Wilkie). He has also taught at the AHA Loch Lomond event, teaching the principles of "Nachreissen" or "following after".

HEMA Disciplines Studied

- 14th/15th century German longsword (for duelling)
(main sources: Codex Hs.3227a, Codex 44.A.8, Talhoffer and Ringeck)

- 17th/18th century Scottish regimental broadsword
(main sources: Angelo, Roworth/Taylor, Sinclair)

James is also working his through George Silver's "Paradoxes of Defense".

Martial Arts Tournament and Competitive Experience

- Judged at The Institute for Historical Arts "Edgebana" Tournament each year
- Placed 1st at The Institute for Historical Arts Charity Tournament 2014