Jonathan Spouge

Jonathan Spouge

Brief Summary

Jonathan Spouge has been learning and teaching HEMA since summer 2010 after founding the Renaissance Martial Arts Society in Dundee with Mark Wilkie and James Burn. He has been interested in the study of historical warfare and its methods for most of his life.

After leaving university and Dundee in 2011, he continued training with the GUCDS and became involved with historical crafting after being introduced to the nightmare of knitting, although he enjoys all aspects of art and creativity, including calligraphy, illustration and painting.

As a side-line to his teaching and training, Jonathan takes commissions for artistic endeavors to decorate equipment such as training swords and fencing masks, and many of the personalised items seen in Academy media were created by him.

Jonathan currently runs the Helensburgh Broadsword Club in his home town, West of Glasgow, for a mainly teenage audience. After starting the club on his own initiative in 2012, the school has grown to include over 30 members who are keen to take their HEMA career to new levels in the student societies across the country. As part of his tutelage for young and aspiring fighters, Spouge concentrates on coaching good training habits and good manners in sparring as well as encouraging fitness and discipline.

As well as running the Helensburgh Broadsword Club with a remit to help recreate and promote Scotland's martial past with both Regimental Broadsword and Highland Broadsword & Targe, Jonathan has also helped teach longsword for beginners. He is developing a system for quarterstaff basics and is planning to research and teach other pole arms and headed weapons in the future.

Alongside his HEMA career, Jonathan works as a Scotch Whisky Ambassador and can be relied upon to lower the tone of any social gathering with his extensive repertoire of appalling jokes and incriminating stories.

Teaching Experience

Jonathan has taught continual lessons in both Dundee RMAS and his own Helensburgh Broadsword Club.

He has also delivered workshops and personal coaching at:
- AHA Loch Lomond
- AHA Vanguard

In the coming year, Jonathan will be visiting other schools across the UK and making his way to international events.

HEMA Disciplines Studied

- 14th/15th century German longsword (for duelling)
- 17th century Scottish broadsword and targe
- 17th/18th century Scottish regimental broadsword
- 16th/17th century staff and halberd

Traditional Crafts Studied

- Knitting
- Leatherworking
- Mailling
- Calligraphy
- Traditional ink illustration & illumination

HEMA Tournament and Competitive Experience

- Placed in the top third at the AHA broadsword tournament for charity (2013)
- Placed 3rd in IHA Edgebana longsword tournament (2012)
- Placed 3rd in Fechtschule Scotland longsword tournament (2012)

Qualifications and Achievements

- Received membership of the AHA Corps of Instructors (2013)
- Graduated from the University of Abertay Dundee with an HND in Computer Arts (2011)