The "Encased in Steel" Blog

The Encased in Steel programme is one in which weekly articles are released through the Academy's blog, Encased in Steel. These articles have been written with the intention of making available information which is not necessarily well known. To this end we have tried to write about many aspects of history and the historical hobbies, with topics as varied as fashion through the ages or Scotland's martial traditions. We would encourage students to look at our blog when they are researching for essays in subjects such as History or English.

Many of the posts are also useful outside the academic sphere. We have created "how to" posts, giving people clear instructions on how to craft their own equipment, kit that would be useful for any of the historical hobbies, as well as posts suggesting ways for people to become fitter, healthier and better at sports like martial arts. Other examples of posts by which we try to inspire personal improvement include posts discussing advice by medieval writers on controlling fear for example.

In addition to this, we post reviews of events attended by Academy members. This helps historical hobbyists make an informed decision about which events to attend. This is important as many events run by other historical hobbyist groups can be quite expensive, and also are often several days long, meaning one must take several days off work to attend. Also, by providing some constructive feedback for event organisers, we can help make future events even better.

Encased in Steel online blog

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Farrell, Keith (ed.). Encased in Steel Anthology I. Glasgow: Fallen Rook Publishing, March 2015. ISBN 978-0-9926735-6-7.